Return & Refund Policy for By Design House

Terms & Conditions: 

1-Original invoice is mandatory for any Return or Exchange transaction.

2-Customer has the right to refund total value of a canceled invoice/item within 3 days from invoice issuance date with condition of item not delivered.

3-Customer has the right to exchange goods within 5 days from invoice issuance date with condition of item not delivered.

4-Items below are not refundable/replaceable: 

  • Pillow Cases & Accessories.
  • Discounted items. 
  • Items that been ordered specially for customers.
  • Items that had been delivered & assembled to customer’s location.


5-Exchanged items will not add extra days for return & exchange on invoice original issuance date.

6-Appointment for delivery will be scheduled through customer services.

7-Customer can change the delivery schedule at least 48 hours before the agreed delivery time and the delivery shall be re-scheduled based on the company’s availability for delivery.

8-In case the customer changed the delivery date less than 48hours from scheduled delivery, or wasn’t available and/or didn’t answer the phone, Company will return the goods to warehouse and term of free delivery will be “voided” and all expenses of return and second delivery will be handled by the customer.

9-Company will not hold any reliability about the site condition if items purchased will shall not fit the nominated space or colors/style didn’t match with the surroundings and/or if the main entrance wasn’t sufficient for the furniture to enter the facilities. If any special equipments are required to utilize for this kind of conditions, the company has the right to request the Customer for these additional charges after notifying the customer of such.

10-Customer’s signature is mandatory for the delivery note, if any comments concerns occurred, it should be written beside the signature.